How to maintain your curtains?

Published: 18-02-2021

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Curtains are an element of interior design that has a significant impact on the overall impression. If someone uses curtains that do not match the arrangement of the room in any way, they may expect that the whole thing will look kitschy. And dirty curtains are not only unsightly but also dangerous to your health. For this reason, it is worth knowing how to deal with stubborn dirt.


A decoration that delights

Even the most beautifully pinned curtains in the most fashionable pattern of the season will not look attractive if they show dirt or creases. They should be taken care of in a special way. Why is it so important? Curtains are exposed to sunlight, which is not good for any fabrics. They can become discoloured or faded. In addition, they attract dust, which leaves unsightly streaks over time. There is also a risk of the fabric getting wet. However, it is enough to clean the curtains regularly to keep their impeccable appearance for a long time. It is important to know how to clean different types of curtains.


Before washing

Before placing the curtains in the water, check the fabric requirements. It is best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. This way, you will avoid unpleasant surprises and will not damage the fabric, e.g. due to excessive temperature or the use of a strong detergent. Machine washing prohibited? Better take your curtains to a professional laundry room. It is also a good idea to shake the fabric well before washing to remove dust and small debris.


What to remember when washing?

The lack of contraindications for washing in a washing machine should not deprive you of vigilance. “Prevention is better than cure” is a rule that should also be followed when washing home textiles. Choose a program designed for the care of delicate fabrics and a low temperature — this way you will not damage the fibres. For the same reason, use a mild detergent and avoid additional treatments, such as spinning or drying. Curtains are best dried traditionally, hung on a string or placed on a flat, airy surface. Well-cleaned curtains are a good way to impress guests at any time of the year.


How to proceed after washing?

This is the best time for ironing, unless it is prohibited by the manufacturer. As a rule, however, curtains do not require an iron, especially if they are properly folded. But it may happen that a few nasty creases form while drying.

The curtains have been refreshed, ironed and hung over the window. If you want to keep your curtains looking great for longer, it is a good idea to remove dust from time to time, for example with a soft tip of your vacuum cleaner. An electrostatic broom will also be a practical solution. Thanks to it, you can easily get rid of small dirt from the fabric. It is better to carry out such activities with the window open so that the dust escapes to the outside.

When is it time for the next wash? It should be done every few months, but it all depends on how quickly we find another visible dirt on the fabric.

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