How to talk to anyone with ease and confidence?

Published: 22-02-2021

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Some people find it very easy to talk to anyone with confidence, especially when they are thrown in the spotlight. But to others, the spotlight may seem like a deathbed; even the idea of presenting in class or giving an interview sounds daunting.

Somebody said it right, “Communication is the key to success”. However, if you are a shy and introverted person, talking to others may be the second difficult task for you after giving presentations.

Speaking with confidence can help you in almost every area of your life. From relationships to the salary negotiations, you can become successful in every aspect if you have good communication skills. In addition, speaking with confidence can make you attractive and allow you to get more respect from people.

If you lack confidence in communicating with others, you can use a trial-and-error approach to improve your speaking skills by doing experiments such as participation in seminars and open mic sessions or attending a book club while accepting tons of rejection and failure. We have gathered some proven and quick tips you should try to talk with anyone with ease and confidence.


Try to talk to everyone

One of the best tips to overcome lack of confidence and shyness is to talk to everyone. Sounds daunting? Fret not! You can start this habit by saying “good morning” or “hello” to people around you.

After some time, you will start feeling more comfortable with this habit and increase your speaking length. Make sure you don’t limit yourself to talking to just a few people. You can start chatting with whoever you want. After a while, talking will not be scary for you.


Practice, practice and practice

Practice makes progress. Education and theory will show you how to gain confidence, and the right approach will allow you to take action. If you want to be better at speaking, you need to talk to people every day. You can practice by reading books, attending motivational sessions, giving speeches and participating in open mic sessions. The more you practice, the more confidence you gain!



Talking to others can sometimes be exhausting for your mind. No matter what you say and how you say, be more compassionate with yourself. Try to replace negative inner monologue with more positive self-talk. Try yoga and meditation to be kinder to yourself. Remember that you are not here to be a perfect speaker, but to be a perfect learner.


Speak without tension

Have you ever felt you are shaking while talking to others? This happens when you speak with tension in your muscles. Your tone of voice becomes low and you feel uncomfortable because of the low level of confidence. Try to relax your muscles by doing breathing in-out exercise and meditation. Another factor is practice so that you can speak without tension.


Express gratitude

During the conversation, try to show gratitude to others. Expressing gratitude is one of the most effective ways to keep yourself comfortable while speaking. Use positive and kind words, such as “thank you”, “beautiful”, “excellent” or “enjoy”, in the conversation. Be thankful to everyone who talks to you helping you to improve your speaking skills. Many social psychologists recommend using small talk to build trust, especially when you are trying to learn something about someone else. Believe in yourself and have faith in your abilities!

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