How to extend the life of your phone battery?

Published: 01-03-2021

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We are all attached to our mobile phones. The world seems to revolve around smartphones these days. Manufacturers have added more and more features to these handy devices. All these features, both useful and enjoyable, put a heavy strain on your smartphone battery. Time also takes its toll on your battery condition. When you first get your phone, the battery life will be at its optimum. You will find that the time between charges will be great and you won’t feel the need to carry a charger wherever you go. Nobody wants to get caught with a dead battery, so by extending the battery life, you reduce the likelihood that your battery will drain when you are out and about.

As time goes by, the phone will not hold charge as well or for as long as it did when it was new. The longer you keep your phone, the harder it will be to hold its charge. After about three years, your phone may experience stability issues brought on by poor battery charging capacity.

There are some tricks you can use to extend your phone battery life. Unfortunately, this lithium-ion battery will continue to deteriorate but at a slower pace. You will eventually need to replace the battery or purchase a new phone, but you can wait a little longer to do so if you do your best to extend your phone battery life.


To extend the life of your phone battery:

— Avoid exposing your phone to extreme temperatures. Both frost and hot weather can strain your phone battery. If it can be avoided, do not leave your phone in the car or out in the sun. Don’t leave it near hot surfaces or exposed to direct heat at all, as this is a safety hazard and is detrimental to the battery.

— Do not let the convenience of fast charging lure you in. We are all always in a hurry, but if you can avoid fast charging, you should. Slow charging by plugging your phone into your PC or into a smart charger designed to slow charge your phone is actually much better for the battery.

— Partially charge your phone. For modern smartphones, it is more beneficial not to discharge your battery and then charge it to 100 percent. Do not drain your battery to 0 percent if this can be avoided, and only charge it to around 80 percent if you can. Do not leave your battery to charge overnight. Once fully charged, disconnect your phone from the charger.

— Try to minimize battery life wastage. If there are any games or apps that you are not using on your phone, get rid of them. Change the permissions for apps such as Facebook so they don’t use too much battery. This way, you won’t have to recharge your battery often and you will extend its lifespan.


It may seem contradictory, but there are apps available to monitor the condition of your battery. Apple has its battery health monitor standard on the newer models, but for Android, you will need to download the application from the Play Store.

You have to ask yourself how long are you going to keep the phone? If you only keep it for a contract period of 24 months, then maybe there is not much need for all this monitoring. If you plan on keeping it longer, follow these tips to extend the battery life for as long as possible.

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