How to deal with anxiety?

Published: 27-05-2021

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Every time you are about to do something new, such as going to an interview or meeting new people at a gathering with friends, you have this unsettling feeling in your stomach called anxiety. When combined with the stress of meeting new people and the nervousness of being the odd one out, anxiety can easily upset your mood. There’s nothing wrong with being a little shy, but anxiety is more than that. Anxiety doesn’t help at all in the situation.

Everyone panics and has anxiety attacks now and then. There is nothing wrong with feeling a little anxious, but always try to stay calm and in control. This is not only good for your social interactions but also for your health. We came up with a few easy ways to deal with anxiety.


Keep yourself calm and relaxed

No wonder your doctor recommends that you stay calm and relaxed during anxiety attacks. But people do not know how to keep calm in challenging situations. Various things can play an important role here. First of all, you should find out what things make you calm. Some people take a deep breath and feel relaxed already, while others feel the need to punch something to get rid of negative emotions. But you can also feel relaxed without hurting anyone or yourself. You can just feel calm by imagining things that give you inner peace in your mind. Picturing something relaxing is the easiest way to calm your mind and body.


Start meditation and yoga

Many well-educated doctors as well as fitness experts believe that exercise such as meditation and yoga helps the body to relax. You can also use these techniques to calm your body. Meditation helps you to keep positive energy flowing throughout the body and stabilize breathing and emotions. While yoga helps you to keep your body muscles calm and maintain a steady blood flow throughout your body.


Stay hydrated

It has been observed in many studies that staying hydrated also prevents anxiety. A dehydrated body may become irritated more easily than a hydrated one. Water is a very important part of life, so it’s no surprise that it also helps to keep the body calm. Staying hydrated when feeling nervous and tense tends to have a positive effect on elevated hormone levels. It also helps to stabilize breathing.


Get proper sleep and nourishment

Food also plays an important role in relaxing the body and satisfying hunger. You should take good care of your diet and monitor that you are eating only healthy foods consisting of a mixture of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. In addition, you should maintain proper sleep patterns and sleep well each day to feel less anxious and be more goal-oriented in your life.


Connect with people

Making friends can help you to deal with your anxiety and panic attacks more than you can imagine. Although it is very difficult for an anxious person to make new friends or socialize with new people, you will see once you start interacting that this is not a bad thing. You will lose your fear of meeting new people and this way you will be able to overcome your anxiety.



By using these simple daily activities, you can improve your anxious self and become a completely new person. One who is not afraid to do new things or meet new people. It’s not always easy, but with the hard work you are doing now, you can become a more confident, assertive and happy person.

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