Different types of blenders

Published: 16-07-2021

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From making mouth-watering smoothies or delicious shakes to blending cake mixes or pancake batter, the blender is there for us whenever we need it. Everything can be simplified with the help of the right blender. Choosing the right type of blender can give you the oh-so-smooth texture in your recipes. Blenders vary in blades, speed and functions, which can be confusing as each recipe has different blending needs.

To make you understand all the differences, we have listed different types of blenders to help you to choose the right one for your cooking needs and your lifestyle. There are a few things to consider when buying a blender: how often are you going to use it and what you will be using it for. Also, depending on the size of your kitchen, you may find that the large types of blenders are simply not suitable and take up too much space, and only consider buying one of the smaller types.


Kitchen blender — recipe maker

The kitchen blender is one of the most used traditional blenders. These blenders are commonly used to blend the mixtures thickly or in bulk. These blenders have more parts to clean; they have greater capacity and are more versatile. They come at variable speeds, from liquid puree to slicing; in such blenders you can add almost any ingredient.


On the go — single serving blender

Bullet blenders or single-serve blenders have become famous thanks to the brands of Ninja, NutriBullet and Magic Bullet. The bullet blender works as your personal blender as it is available in different sizes and can serve a single or double drink. Bullet blenders are high-powered and compact. You just need to fill the bullet-shaped container with the ingredients, then turn on the chopping blades, shake the whole thing and, finally, put it in the base of the blender. You are all set to have a delicious smoothie!


Bottle blender — perfect for the gym

This blender is the perfect way to make the nutritious shakes and powders. If you are considering purchasing this type of blender, check if it has an airtight lid and a small whisk to mix all the contents well. Bottle blenders can blend anything that is thick but remember they are perfect for quick power blends. To make your healthy lifestyle even easier, try electric bottles! They have chargeable bases and can turn powders into delicious froths.


Easy to use — hand blender

This blender is easy and compact. When it comes to portable blenders, the hand blender offers the freedom to move anywhere while mixing or blending smoothies. This blender allows you to work freely in the kitchen, especially if you use the cordless one. This must-have blender is just like a grass trimmer, but has a much smaller, easy-to-use design.


Commercial use — immersion blender

Many people assume that a commercial blender and hand blender are the same thing, but they are not. Hand blenders are intended for home use while commercial blenders are used in restaurants and coffee shops where kitchens are usually much larger. They are specially designed for large amounts of food.


Final thoughts

Over the past two decades, blenders have made our lives easier, especially our kitchen tasks. They are now essentials of almost any kitchen. Gym lovers and individuals carry bottle and portable blenders with them to make their life easier. Hotels and coffee shops use them to prepare delicious smoothies and a variety of meals “on the go”. In short, this gadget may save your life if you buy it wisely.

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